Seen Eyewear talks about TVR

Vintage is one of those words that’s been thrown around so much now its original meaning has started to get lost somewhere in the rabble. It’s found its way onto bottles of two-for-six-quid plonk and it’s become a kind of byword for the second-hand fashion choices of students on every campus from Aberystwyth Technical College to Zurich Met. We’re now more likely to associate the word with dodgy Old Skool adidas trackie tops and bottom shelf Merlot than we are with anything of actual worth. That’s wrong.

If you’ve ever taken the time to actually look the word up, you’ll have seen its actual definition isn’t right for quirky old clobber or cheap booze. The word vintage is supposed to denote something from the past of high-quality. Vintage means the perfected, the very best of its kind.

Now we’re just guessing here, but when Japanese eyewear brand TVR were searching for…(continue reading on

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