Arnel® Alumi


JAPAN 2020 Limited Edition
TVR® releases limited-edition Arnel® Alumi Bespoke
series exclusively for Japan.

TVR® Arnel® is a special remake of the classic rounded horn-rim shape made famous by
the legendary James Dean in his glory days.

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Following the successful release of TVR® OPT region-specific limited edition Arnel® Bespoke series across Europe and Asia, the vintage eyewear revival advocate has now unveiled an extra special version specially for Japan. In line with the brand’s mission to inspire vintage eyewear enthusiasts from the world over, the new Arnel® Alumi Bespoke series will be the first model of this very silhouette to employ the use of aluminium temples.

The Japan Edition will feature a new 46mm size. It is also the first Arnel® in 6mm Zylonite, with an Alumi (aluminium) temple — creating a vintage look that combines two beautiful materials together. The unique selling point of the Arnel® Alumi design is its three-dimensional line effect on the temple that’s relieved for aesthetics. Additionally, it is extremely lightweight and highly corrosion-resistant thanks to its high-end anodized aluminium alloy temples.

Unbeknownst to many, eyeglasses made using aluminium were popular in the 1940s and 1950s but the material isn’t exactly scratch-proof. TVR® has perfected this by adding an additional coating to allow vivid colour options and scratch-resistant qualities. The aluminium construction also makes the frame extremely durable and tough while providing a sleek all-metallic look without bearing the harshness of steel. 

Available worldwide, the Japan collection is available in five colour combinations namely Antique Tortoise/Light Grey Alumi, Black Tortoise/Dark Grey Alumi, Green Crystal/Dark Green Alumi, Light Grey Crystal/Dark Grey Alumi and Matte Marmalade/Light Grey Alumi.

TVR® Arnel® is a special remake of the classic rounded horn-rim shape made famous by the legendary James Dean in his glory days. Using the Datum Expression Size method, the Arnel® shape or also known as the JD frame is usually patented using Japanese 4mm celluloid to accentuate the luster and shine of the material. Its slim profile also adds comfort and better fit. The updated iteration is meticulously crafted by hand by TVR®’s master craftsman in Sabae, Japan, Sawada Yaemon.

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Antique Tortoise/Light Grey, Black Tortoise/Dark Grey, Green Crystal/Dark Green, Light Grey Crystal/Dark Grey, Matte Marmalade/Light Grey, Classic Black


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