TVR527 French Vintage Quadra


TVR® OPT Japan celebrates 10th Anniversary with The Infinity 8 Collection.
The Infinity 8 Collection debut the use of 8mm Japanese Zylonite Acetate.

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Sabae, Japan — True Vintage Revival (TVR®OPT) Japan celebrates its 10th Anniversary with two collection inspired by the concept of ‘Infinity’. This momentous occasion is also to commemorate ten successful years for TVR® OPT Japan since making its presence felt in 2013. Named the The Infinity 8 Collection, there will be two novelty pieces added to the repertoire of beautifully designed and handmade eye frames — both honouring the exquisite artistry of French design with a touch of Japanese sensibility.

One of the key models includes the TVR®527 French Vintage Quadra. Described as the brand’s boldest and edgiest design to date, the TVR®527 French Vintage Quadra features strong angles along the top line, giving the frame a distinctive look with French sensibility of bold and intellectual, yet timeless design.

The square shaped lenses with rounded edges deliver a unique angular appearance as the frame, inspired from the 60s, flatter all facial contours. Wildly romantic with a flair for attracting attention, this model allures with its old-style three dots rivets and seven barrel hinges for added strength and better alignment.

A symbol of infinity, the number ‘8’ represents the shape of eyeglasses. It also akin to the infinity symbol, and represents the notion of completeness or endless abundance. In other words, it is a perfect representation of what TVR® OPT embodies in its pursuit to revive and preserve true vintage artistry in eyewear making.

This is the first time that TVR® OPT is launching a collection using 8mm Japanese Zylonite Acetate. Patented from classic French design with European influences, the respective models are statement pieces of bold, vintage design. Back in those days, most French eyeglasses were crafted using 8mm to 10mm celluloid. A thick front and sides in zylonite acetate also create a sleek and edgy frame.

TVR® OPT uses solid rivets for the temples with great functionality — it is not just a decorative element. The use of solid rivets ensures that the glasses will not break easily, guaranteeing its sturdy and hardy qualities refined by true handmade craftsmanship.

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Size 48 / 23mm
Lens 47.5mm
Hinge to Hinge 142.6mm
Temple 150mm


Black Tortoise, Classic Black Clear, Olive Clear, Grey Crystal, Light Grey Crystal, Tokyo Tortoise, Grey Tortoise, Beer, Brown Demi Amber, Sapphire Crystal, Grey Tortoise