TVR528 French Vintage Panto


TVR® OPT Japan celebrates 8th Anniversary with The Infinity 8 Collection.
Two new models added to The Infinity 8 Collection, debuting the use of 8mm Japanese Zylonite Acetate

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TVR 528 is considered the brand’s boldest and edgiest designs as compared to previous collections.

The Infinity 8 Collection is the TVR®528 French Vintage Panto that pays homage to one of the oldest vintage design in European eyewear history. A universal, gender-neutral shape that is classic and elegant, the new silhouette is accentuated at the edge of the top flat line to create a vintage look for the Panto design. A style staple in the 1950s, the French panto has pioneered the shapes of modern eyewear we see today.

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Size 46 / 23mm
Lens 46mm
Hinge to Hinge 142.7mm
Temple 150mm


Black Tortoise, Black Clear, Clear Crystal, Havana, Light Grey Crystal, Olive Crystal, Emerald Green