TVR533 Re-Edition (Hybrid I) Clip-on available

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TVR533 Contemporary Panto

Panto Re-Edition (Hybrid I) is a beautiful amalgamation of two icons
Combining the best of two TVR®OPT best-selling TVR® SERIES 3 and TVR®505 Classic Panto, TVR®OPT launches the new TVR®533 Re-Edition (Hybrid I).

Following TVR®OPT’s ten-year commitment to RE-MAKE = REVIVAL, the brand persists in innovating and reimagining vintage eyewear styles for the modern market. Bridging past and present, TVR®OPT proudly introduces the new TVR533 Re-Edition (Hybrid I) — a Contemporary Panto, as a highlight of its 10th Anniversary initiative.

The hybrid concept is a brand-new vision by the brand’s in-house Creative Director. The idea sparked in Summer 2021 at the factory when Sawada-san (master craftsman) asked Onami-san if this temple could be used on the front or vice
versa. The in-house Creative Director suggested combining both drawings to create a new front shape — the fusion of TVR®505 and TVR® SERIES 3 gave birth to the new hybrid front design of the TVR®533 Contemporary Panto Re- Edition (Hybrid I).

The brand started with the TVR®527 Infinity 8 Collection (Summer 2021) as part of the first Hybrid project — creating something based on the best-seller and innovate the archetype into a more current design. Inspired by the TVR®504 best-seller, the recent TVR®527 features a bolder look and more intricate details. “Our objective is to captivate existing TVR®504 owners while also introducing the TVR®527 as a means to enhance the appreciation for the JD Shape,” elaborated the in-house Creative Director.”

TVR505 Clip-on for TVR533

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Classic Black Clear, Champagne, Clear Crystal, Dark Brown Gradient, Grey Crystal, Tokyo Tortoise, Dragon in the cloud


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