TVR®531 French Vintage

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TVR®531 French Vintage
TVR® OPT continues 10th Anniversary (2013 – 2023) celebrations with a new Classic French Vintage revival in the French-Arnel silhouette.
Sabae, Japan — TVR® OPT promises an exciting 10th year with another new revival of the Classic French Vintage in the French-Arnel silhouette — the TVR®531 French Vintage. Set to be released in Autumn / Winter 2022, the latest revival takes inspiration from 1940s and 1950s French-Arnel. It is the original style celebrated in French eyewear-making back in the Neo-Classical period.
When the artisans in TVR® OPT found two pairs of French-Arnel pieces from 1940s and 1950s in its archives, an idea sparked — to bring forth details from both shapes into one beautiful collection. The new TVR®531 French Vintage is a culmination of TVR®504 and TVR®516 (both best-sellers for the brand) with a slight redesign on the top. This reminiscence the iconic Crown Panto, one of the most distinguished collections in Classic French Vintage eyewear.

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Army Green, Beer, Classic Black, Dark Oak, Grey Crystal, Grey Smoke