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Best eyewear for men are definitely TVR OPT which stands for True Vintage Revival.
At True Vintage Revival , we offer a beautiful selection of TVR glasses. TVR frames can be found in selected sizes, shapes, and colors. To match your specific style and needs. The glasses have gained wide popularity across the globe due to their excellent design and high-quality product material.

All the eyeframes are handmade in the legendary area of Fukui, Japan. By buying a new pair of durable and fashionable sunglasses you will buy a part of Japanese craftsmanship traditions passed down through generations. The brand exhibits an attention to detail, unlike others. They takes pride in the production of each and every piece of the eye frame, and no compromises or shortcuts are taken. The results? Breathtaking!!

Over 90% of eyewear frames sold in Japan come from Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. Sabae is known for inventing the concept of nose pads and developed the use of titanium frames in the 1980s. With a history of eyewear production and frame manufacturing that transcends generations, Sabae represents the history of handmade eyewear in Japan itself. It all started during the Meiji era when Masunaga Gozaemon introduces frame-making technology to Sabae City. The industry began as an off-season side job for agricultural workers, but demand grew stronger following World War I. In late 1930s, approximately 1.5 million celluloid eyeglasses were produced annual in Sabae.

People in Sabae have always been patient and conscientious, and these are exactly the qualities needed for the intricate and painstaking work especially in making handmade eyewear. One of the characteristics of Japanese craftsmanship is a kind of profusion of detail. There is a tendency to pay extra attention towards the minutest of details.

The spirit of Japanese artisanal craft involves spending a copious amount of time and effort to get the byproduct exactly right. The economics of the product are not so important as for these folks; the aim is to product some thing faithful to the fundamentals of the craft and its authentic designs.

The Best eyewear for men are the oldest and most prestigious eyewear brands in modern days like True Vintage Revival