TVR® 504 Edition 2024 Dragon in the cloud – TVR 10th Anniversary – TVR 504 is one of the most iconic vintage designs ever created.
Featuring 50s retro anti-slip strips, 7-barrel hinges, keyhole bridge, signature spear rivets and miter cutting by hand.
2024 Edition finally available in size 50.
Polarised Clip-on available

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TVR 504 Edition 2023 Dragon in the Cloud – 10th year anniversary

Sabae, Japan — Back by popular demand, the iconic TVR®504 will be making its return in 2023 in conjunction with the brand’s 10th year anniversary. TVR® OPT Japan will be releasing the all-new TVR®504 in 6mm this summer, recreating this classic silhouette with additional details including new hinges, new metal cores, and a new thickness.

In line with its decade-long ethos of ‘RE-MAKE = REVIVAL’, TVR® OPT is not only reviving the collection but innovating and redefining the iconic collection for the customers today.

First introduced in May 2013, TVR®504 has been made available in over 80 colours and seven different sizing. As of today — despite being made unavailable for over a year — TVR® OPT Japan has kept the best four sizing for the iconic shape including the new on-demand sizing of 50mm. The rest of the iterations include TVR®504 6mm Japanese Celluloid (April 2022), TVR®504 Vintage 1993 8mm Zylonite acetate (January 2022) and TVR®504 Collector’s Edition / Cities Edition (September 2022) that drew amazing response since its launch.

For the uninitiated, TVR®504 draws its shape from an original archive from 1940s collected a Japanese warehouse in Sabae. In its most primary form, it was made using 5mm Zylonite material and carried a distinct form also known today as the JD Shape — made famous thanks to the legendary James Dean, then by famed actor Johnny Depp. 

2023 True Vintage Revival 10 years anniversary

The latest TVR®504 is completed with new metal cores.

As one of the earliest brands to start using detailed core in the temples back in 2015 (feather core details seen in Yamada Mitsukazu x TVR® YM-001, YM-002, and YM-003 collections respectively), the latest retail cores reference the dragon from the Myōshin-ji Temple in Kyoto. Take a closer look to appreciate the unique style of dragon called the Happonnirami no Ryū, also known as ‘Dragon Gazing in All Directions’ from the painting by Kanō Tan’yu.

The story of TVR® begins in a small city in Japan

Powered by a true love for vintage eyewear and a strong interest in rare blueprints of eyeglasses from the golden days of 19th Century, TVR® OPT (True Vintage Revival) was founded in 2012 to remake, recreate and reintroduce the essence of vintage eyewear to the world.

TVR® OPT’s inspiration, blueprints and real vintage eyeglass models come from all parts of the globe. All materials and artistry are sourced and nurtured in Sabae, Japan — a city known for inventing the concept of nose pads and famous for its history of handmade eyewear for generations.

All TVR® OPT eyewear are made by hand by a handful of artisans from Sabae, Japan, who are masters in handmade craftsmanship and artistry when it comes to making vintage eyewear pieces. Original tools and moulds from the 1920s to 1980s are put back into good use in the making of each and every TVR® OPT eyepieces. TVR® OPT also pays close attention into details, keeping true to its name — True Vintage Revival. Age-old styles like the keyhole bridge, seven-barrel hinges, 50s retro anti-slip strips, miter cutting technique and the individual vintage-shaped rivets are among the features that make TVR® OPT creations unique, admirable and respectable.

Its first re-creation, the TVR®501 is inspired by the decade when colour television was invented with its TV-shaped frames being a classic style that is still popular until today. And come 2022, TVR® OPT collection is set to redefined the true essence of vintage eyewear with a revisit to its most classic shapes, colours, history and aesthetics. All TVR® OPT models are made with pristine quality using the highest quality of materials including the rare SPM

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